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Best Beauty Blender And Makeup Sponges

Beauty Blender

Foundation sponge is one of the most important accessories in the makeup collection. In fact, the beauty blender can get a skin that is very natural and flawless. But if you prefer, you can also use a foundation sponge to cover. These are the perfect companions for any make-up that you want to apply foundation, concealer or shape.

Today, we find that come in many forms. Which can adapt to all facial makeup, whether it is heavy makeup or light makeup. Foundation sponges are ideal if you primarily use liquid products or have a creamy texture. In fact, the makeup sponge can help you complete the delicate makeup in a short time.

The use of sponges also avoids wasting cosmetics. So you can save money and time compared to using a makeup brush. Because sponges usually don’t leave too much cosmetics.

However, choosing a beauty blender can sometimes be difficult. Especially in the recently fiercely competitive market, Mdfed has chosen the best cosmetic sponge in 2019.

We have selected 6 beauty blenders/sponges for 2019 makeup

After reading our 6 best makeup sponges,you will be able to complete the delicate makeup. At the end of the article that we made a shopping guide for help you choose the beauty blenders.

1.The Zenda Naturals1Check More
2.Real Techniques 2 Miracle2Check More
3.EmaxDesign 2 Piece2Check More
4.BEAKEY 5 PcsMulti-Colored5Check More
5.Amoore Latext-Free(2 Pcs)2Check More
6.Real Techniques 6 Miracle6Check More

1.The Zenda Naturals – Best Makeup Sponge Choice For Everyday Use

Best Makeup Sponge Choice For Everyday Use

The Foundation beauty blender of the Zenda Naturals brand is a sponge for everyday use. Also suitable for beginners, you don’t need to have special knowledge to use it. In fact, its droplet shape can apply liquid cosmetics to the face very quickly. If there is a liquid texture on the sponge, it is recommended to apply a base pump to it.

In addition, even if you use a variety of liquid or creamy products on your face. it can achieve a smooth and natural rendering effect. So don’t worry about adding multiple layers, the results will remain flawless. In the first few months, it will not leave traces and small particles on the face.which will not break down into small debris over time. Compared to other products on the market, this sponge is also cheap and has a very good price/quality ratio!

“The sponge is good in size and good quality! Very satisfied with my purchase!”

This sponge also helps to avoid waste. because it does not absorb too much material. So if you put the product directly on the sponge, you have to gently. Its water droplet shape allows it to be applied to the entire face quickly through its rounded portion.

But it can also be applied more precisely to hard-to-reach areas, such as eye contours or eyes. Due to its small tip, it can be better taken care of the nose. In order to get the most out of it, you must wet it and wring it out before applying it. as this will prevent you from wasting more makeup.

However, when we look back at it. We noticed that you must use it gently on your face. Otherwise, the rendering on your face will be completely unattractive. In addition, it must be replaced regularly. After 3 months, it no longer facilitates the delicate effect of the make-up. because it ages uneven marks on the skin.

Therefore, this product is a very good choice for finding everyday makeup sponges. But it needs to be replaced regularly.

What we like
  • Prices at a good value
  • Suitable for beginners
  • It will not destroy makeup products
What we regret
  • Pay attention to the number of products when applying

2.Real Techniques 2 Miracle – Optimum Quality/Price Ratio

Real Techniques 2 Miracle

This Real Techniques beauty blender is one of the most popular sponges on the market. Thanks to its unbeatable value for money. It is suitable for beginners and professionals.

Because it can be easily used on a daily basis, like more makeup. It has a special shape, because it is a drop shape with a small tip at the top. But it also has a flat section that is suitable for most experienced users.

We recommend that you apply between one or two pumps at the top. To ensure that it does not absorb all of the liquid. Rendering is very natural and flawless. Because even if you use multiple products on different skin tones at the same time. the sponge can be applied immediately. When we reviewed it, we didn’t notice it leaving traces or particles.

“Bear in mind that RT sponges tear a little more easily that BB brand sponges so be gentle when washing. But for the price, it’s a steal and great tool to have in your kit.”

On the other hand, it becomes porous over time. That must be replaced every 2 to 3 months.These feel harder than beauty blenders when they are dry, so I was skeptical and a little disappointed at first. (because everyone RAVES about them!)

However, once you dampen the sponge, it softens up dramatically and applies makeup like a dream. These are an absolutely fantastic alternative to beauty blenders.

In short, this beauty blender is perfect for beginners and even professionals. It allows for very nice rendering effects. However, its life cycle is only about 3 months.

What we like
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Professional rendering
  • Multifaceted to reach many areas of the face
What we regret
  • It must be replaced regularly

3.EmaxDesign 2 Piece – The Most Economical Makeup Blender Sponge

The Most Economical Makeup Blender Sponge

EmaxDesign‘s cosmetic sponges are the most economical form on the list. In fact, you buy two sponges at one price.Which making this product a very good price/quality.

These sponges are made for beginners, but they can be used by professionals. They obviously can create more or less makeup. The sponge is drop-shaped, allowing the user to quickly make up the widest part. But you can also focus on smaller areas of the face, such as the contours of the eyes or the nose.Especially when taking pictures with the selfie stick, the composition of the nose is very important.

You can also easily use them to apply liquids or cosmetic products with a creamy texture. Sponges are pink and black, but this has no effect on their use. The makeup effect of using these sponges is very satisfactory. because they leave no traces.

“These are the perfect blenders. I thought they were small at first, but they are the right size. I don’t know if it’s the brand or just the style of blender, but it worked great.”

The elliptical shape makes application foolproof by allowing access to hard to reach areas. Its suede texture is sensual to the touch. which is unique curves fit the contours of the face, providing daily use more comfortable.

These sponges are water-loving and work best wet. but they can also be used dry. When wet, the sponges expand and become softer so that the makeup product can sit on top of them rather than being absorbed. This allows less product to be used every time. The sponges return to their original size when dry.

Therefore, these sponges offer an optimal budget option. The main disadvantage is that the shelf life of the sponge is limited. Our evaluation can only last for about one month.

What we like
  • Low price
  • Dry and moist
  • There are no traces of the application
What we regret
  • Leaves small particles on the skin at the end of life

4.BEAKEY 5 PcsMulti-Colored – The Best Makeup Sponge Choice For Collectors

The Best Makeup Sponge Choice For Collectors

The main users of BEAKEY brand cosmetic sponges are those who like to change skin color frequently. They are cheap and economical. If you change skin color products frequently, it is best to use a different sponge.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can handle these sponges without any problems. The size of the sponge is different.

In fact, it is recommended to choose a package with 5 cosmetic sponges to be more affordable. The larger part is more suitable for the entire face.

The small part is easy to adapt to all parts of the face, but it is more laborious to use this part for everyday makeup. Sponges come in five different colors: blue, pink and yellow, but this does not affect the end result. These sponges give satisfactory results, they don’t leave unsightly marks. they can fuse different textures into the skin.

“I am very satisfied with this purchase. These sponges are easy to use. the sponge is easy to clean in water. It is very sweet for people with sensitive skin. they will not scratch the skin at all”

BEAKEY’s cotton pads must be used when wet. These cotton pads are very flexible, which don’t retain too much makeup. This is very advantageous compared to other sponges.

Therefore, you can avoid wasting makeup products. Sponges are also hypoallergenic and prevent the growth of bacteria, so remember to clean them after each use.

When we reviewed these products, we noticed that their shelf life was very limited. Because the sponges could not be used over time.

In fact, they all broke down in about a month. Even if we love them very much. This is very unfortunate ! Because we want to extend the life of our products for people who rarely use them.

In short, this package is a great choice for people with less budget. But for those who want to get several different sizes of sponges, these sponges are perfectly suited to their needs.

What we like
  • Cheap
  • Great for collectors
  • Many offer different sizes
What we regret
  • About one month period

5.Amoore Latext-Free(2 Pcs) – Good Makeup Sponge Choice For Small Budget

Good Makeup Sponge Choice For Small Budget

Amoore cosmetic sponges are a great choice for people with limited budgets. In fact, you can buy 2 sponges for less than $5.

As always, if you have a lot of skin color products, it is recommended to use a different sponge. As Amoore will prevent the production of bacteria. The sponges sold are available in two different colors, but they are not important.

There is a red and green. Both colors can be used for smooth and flawless applications. The tip allows the product to be applied to hard to reach areas and wider surfaces.

Obviously, they must be wet before each use. Which don’t forget to clean them after use. The sponge is flawless and covers your entire contour, but it doesn’t necessarily please everyone.

“I’m too fanatical. I have been using amoore since I bought a sponge. Because they are too cheap compared to other brands! I applied concealer in slow motion this morning and spent it on my fingers. Frankly, I recommend it!”

Dry sponges don’t hold too much material. Wet sponges retain more. Therefore, you should prefer to use a dry sponge to repair a small area of ​​the face. As it will prevent you from wasting too much makeup.

These sponges also have a major drawback. They do not have a good shelf life. Because they break down after multiple uses. Which are difficult to swell over time.

Therefore, for those looking for economic alternatives. these sponges are still a good choice. For those who have a lot of cosmetics and like to use many products, this is also a good choice. Also, don’t forget that their life are very limited.

What we like
  • An economic choice
  • Absorbed very well
  • Suitable for those who use a lot of products
What we regret
  • It can not be used for a long time

6.Real Techniques 6 Miracle – The Most Diverse Choice Complexion Sponges

The Most Diverse Choice Complexion Sponges

The foundation sponge supplied by the Real Techniques brand is sold in 6 sponge packages. This is the best choice for those who want to diversify their application technology.

In fact, this package has 3 different sponges: two orange sponges for the entire face. A very geometric pink sponge for the most advanced precision technology. Finally, a small purple sponge is designed to be used on the smallest part of the face.

All sponges get very beautiful renderings. There are no unsightly traces after use. This is a choice that can be adapted to all users. As they have all the features of a basic sponge.

In addition, orange and purple sponges can be used multiple times. This allows you to use many liquid products, cream or even powder. We must also remember to clean them to prevent any bacteria from multiplying.

As with the basic Real Techniques sponge model (orange). Other variants will not hold too much material. Therefore, it is recommended to use an orange sponge throughout the face. Pink sponges are more suitable for using some contouring techniques. Use a small sponge in the most restricted areas.

“Very soft sponge. Little purple is magical for dark circles. I will definitely order again. Top!”

However, when we reviewed these sponges. We noticed that pink sponges retain more cosmetic material than other sponges. This is normal ! because it is an atypical shape. Therefore, we recommend that you use a powder which will not be absorbed.

In short, this product is the best choice. Because it is fully adapted to all users makeup techniques. In addition, it contains most of the sponges in different shapes. Which will allow you to create the most diverse makeup.

What we like
  • Many forms
  • Most interesting
  • Very good quality
What we regret
  • Retains more material than other sponges

Purchase guide

For a number of reasons, finding the perfect beauty blender can be difficult. In fact, you usually can’t test them when you buy them. That’s the reason why we make complete detailed shopping guides. There are several criteria to consider when choosing the perfect sponge.

Size of the sponge

Beauty blenders come in several sizes. Because each sponge should fit perfectly on everyone’s face. It is also necessary to easily solve small corners that are more difficult to access like the nose.

There are usually two sizes: large and small. Larger ones can apply a larger amount of foundation to the wider face. Smaller ones can enter smaller face areas. They also apply concealers or modifiers more precisely. The use of small sponges is a test for cosmetic techniques. Such as baking, which requires more precise application.

Sponge shape

Cosmetic sponges come in a variety of shapes. Some look unusual !There is a design of a normal makeup sponge, which is very tangible. Sometimes it looks like a geometric shape.

Usually, the drops are suitable for beginners everyday use. There are also highly structured sponges with geometric shapes or sponges with flat sides.

In most cases, these sponges are suitable for advanced users who are familiar with certain makeup techniques. These geometries can create very precise makeup. These parts are most commonly used to apply powder to fix cosmetics and illuminate the face.


The porosity of the sponge is an important criterion to consider. In fact, the pores of the sponge should not be visible when held in the hand. Because it must absorb the cosmetics applied to it.

But it must be present on the surface at the same time. so that the application is a small dose. Excessive absorption of the sponge will leave the product on your face, and the result will make you in trouble.

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