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With the improvement of people’s living standards.there are more and more CD in the family.Many times we are bothered about how to place these items.

Sometimes things are messed up.it can be very troublesome to find when using them.so the use of CD racks in family life is more and more widespread.

Many people will consider whether cd rack has dividers ?

Yes, the first one in our list has an ample set of dividers that come with it — about four per shelf. They snap easily in place, do their job adequately and are easily moveable. Maybe a bit too easily moveable, as they occassionally pop out. When they do, they are easy to put back in place, Standard metal office bookends also work just fine, as well as books, CD Canisters, and red clay bricks.

There are more and more types of household items.so there is a need for a shelf that can be reorganized and placed.The design of the CD rack is very simple and generous.but also has the skills,so it is very useful for the placement of living items.

The key is that the advantages and living items can be taken very well without much effort.Next,I will introduce you to several different types of cd shelves so that you can choose the most suitable one:

CD Storage Rack

NameScoreMore Info
1.864 CD/450 DVD/BluRay/Games Media - CD Racks10Check Now
2.Adjustable Shelves for CDs - Wooden CD Rack10Check Now
3.Black Wire - CD Display Rack10Check Now
4.Multipurpose - Wire DVD Rack10Check Now
5.Open Shelves - Metal CD Rack9Check Now

1.864 CD/450 DVD/BluRay/Games Media CD Racks

CD Racks
  • Material texture is great
  • Excellent style design
  • However,Large storage space
  • But Insect prevention problem
CD Racks

Material – beams and columns are made of high-density carbon steel. After pickling,phosphating and other anti-rust treatments,the surface is fine and smooth and rust-proof.The quality is strong and durable.

Appearance – highlights the modern fashion and simple storage new way, multiple scenes apply.It can be placed wherever needed

Storage  РWith the concept of safe load-bearing, the height of the shelf can be adjusted according to individual needs.The 12-story shelf can hold 864 CDs or 450 DVDs that can make it neat and orderly.

Base – exquisite base which can not only stabilize the shelf.but also scratch the floor, high feet off the ground.effective waterproof and moisture proof that easy to clean.

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2.Adjustable Shelves For CDs Wooden CD Rack

Wooden CD Rack
  • Space design is very good
  • Improved storage form
  • However,odorless
  • But Big items need attention
Wooden CD Rack

Material – made of particle board, hard and environmentally friendly, no cracking, no deformation, hard wear, easy to clean.

Appearance – 11.8*9.25*70.8 inches (30*23.5*180 cm), compact cabinet design effectively saves home space, perfect interpretation of modern home simple fashion yet elegant.

Storage – good load-bearing effect, suitable for storing DVDs, CDs, books, toys, etc.

Safety – CD cabinets are equipped with wall anchors for added stability and safer use.

Shelves – 4 adjustable shelves and 3 fixed shelves, adjustable according to your placement size.

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3.Black Wire CD Display Rack

CD Display Rack
  • Can put big things
  • Unique design style
  • However,However,Very popular with family members
  • But Taking things needs to be humanized
CD Display Rack

Appearance – traditional wire structure, sleek and simple, suitable for any occasion, easy to create a comfortable storage space.

Material – high quality wrought iron, high temperature forging, fine workmanship, strong and stable, use wild.

Storage – four-layer bevel structure, special deep pocket storage layer design, can store DVD, CD, books, etc., convenient and practical.

Installation – integrated design, no need to install tools, easier to install.

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4.Multipurpose Wire DVD Rack

Wire DVD Rack
  • Very convenient to install
  • High evaluation
  • However,Environmentally friendly materials
  • But Service life needs to be improved
Wire DVD Rack

Material – high-density stainless steel synthesis, produced by cold rolling, smooth and beautiful surface, frame structure, strong bearing capacity.

Style – stand-alone or wall-mounted, wall-mounted with wall anchors, safer and more reliable.

Appearance – elegant country style, simple atmosphere, convenient storage.

Storage – high altitude design which can accommodate 435 CDs, 210 Blu-ray discs or 230 DVDs, shelf adjustable.

Base – exquisite base that secures the shelf without scratching the floor.

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5.Open ShelvesMetal CD Rack

Metal CD Rack
  • Great storage design
  • Superb style
  • However,Great quality
  • But after sales question
Metal CD Rack

Material – made of durable black glossy thread.

Appearance – a creative line art cd rack.abandoning the original sinking rack shape, advocating a simple design concept.in addition to storing a variety of DVDs, CDs, books, or a good thing to enhance the taste of the home.which can also be this The countertop is placed in a bookstore, grocery store, etc.

Storage – easy to store, neat and tidy, books, DVD, CD, etc.

Base – base frame with black signage for various promotional messages.

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The Quality Of CD Storage Rack Is Directly Related To Our Experience

Therefore, we must master some purchasing techniques about the racks when we purchase.so that we can ensure that we pick the right ones to the greatest extent.Let’s talk about them specifically.

1.Consider bearing capacity

When selecting a rack,the key consideration should be its load-bearing capacity.

Because the role of the storage rack is to put things.if the load-bearing capacity is too low,it is extremely impractical.

When we are shopping,we can apply pressure to the rack by hand to see if it deformed.

If you only use a little force, the storage rack will have a very obvious deformation.Such hardware and building materials not recommended.because the quality is not good.

2. Combine style features

Style and color are also the objects we need to focus on when choosing a storage rack.

The overall design must be reasonable,so it do not recommended to choose a style that is too flamboyant and creative.

The storage racks we choose it matched with other accessories,not only to ensure the uniformity of colors.but also to maintain consistency in style, so as to enhance the value of the home.

3. Emphasis on product quality

The rack placed in a lot of debris,so we usually choose the alloy shelf.

When selecting, you should pay attention to whether the storage rack is flat and the shape is shiny.You should also check whether the solder joints are firm and smooth.

Most of the racks welded directly from stainless steel tubes.but some black-hearted merchants use ordinary alloy welding.This inferior storage rack is particularly prone to rust and is not suitable for long-term use.

At this point,everyone must pay attention to the purchase.we must choose products made of high quality materials.

4. Can not ignore the size

How does the cd storage rack set the height?

When many families buy,they only pay attention to the value of the product.but they neglect the size of the product.The shelf that bought back is not big or it is small, it do not used normally.

It recommended that when you purchase,you must measure the size in advance and then select the appropriate rack according to the size.

Or you can look for companies that specialize in custom storage racks.These companies experienced and can make the best choice for you based on actual conditions.

5.cd rack installation method

Traditional racks perforated on the wall

But for most families,basically wall coverings or wallpapers attached to the wall.If the holes fixed.although the storage racks fixed,they are not beautiful.

And if you want to change the position in the future,the hole in the wall will be white.

Therefore,it recommended that you choose a punch-free storage rack.Is this punch-free rack easy to use?

In fact,it will not only have any damage to the wall.but also achieve the effect of storage and storage.

Some families may wonder if the perforated storage rack will not be weak?This kind of concern is not necessary at all.Most of the punch-free storage racks glued or vacuum-adsorbed.The solidity is particularly good and looseness rarely occurs.

In modern life,comfort and convenience are the eternal concept of home improvement.

In the selection of racks, we should also pay attention to these two principles,the height of the storage rack appropriate.so that things easily accessed.

Moreover, we should try our best to choose an open design.which is more breathable and can guarantee the convenience of life to the greatest extent.I hope that those we just mentioned can bring you some help.

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