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Baby bath tubs are very important for little babies and parents. Bathing moments are a happy moment for children to share with you. Usually, water is an element that babies particularly like. For those who are happy for the first time to be parents. The first time I took a bath for my little baby was full of anxiety. In these cases, the following problems often occur:

How to hold them when bathing a baby? Or how to choose a baby bath tub that is both practical and comfortable?

Choosing a baby bath tub is very important, so don’t take it lightly. In fact, products such as bathtubs are related to the safety of children. So choosing a truly suitable child is very important. In addition, buying a standard-qualified product will make you feel more at ease in this moment of integration.

If you are going to buy a baby bath tub, you need to know how many different models are on the market. The popularity of this knowledge will make your task in choosing a baby bath more complicated. In order to help you choose the baby bath tub. Mdfed has evaluated 6 premium baby bath tubs. In addition, we provide detailed buying guides that you can quickly see all the key points to consider.

The Best 6 Bathtubs For Babies And Children In 2019

Whatever your expectations, tastes and preferences. You will find the products in this list of the best baby bath tubs. Babies like to bathe in water, which is similar to kids who like to play games (Click here to read more about Best PS4 Games).

1.The First YearsBaby bathtub
2.PRIMO EuroBathBaby bathtub
3.Stokke Flexi WhiteFolding bathtub
4.Blooming Bath LotusHanging bathtub
5.Mommy's Helper InflatableInflatable bathtub
6.Shnuggle Compact Support SeatCombination bathtub

1.The First Years – An Easy To Use Baby Bath Tub

An Easy To Use Baby Bath Tub

The baby shower is made of semi-rigid plastic composite material. It can be easily bent with one hand. Mesh sling provides extra support and comfort during first bath times. It has a compact structure for easy storage and movement.

This spacious bathtub is 100% guaranteed for baby comfort. The unfolded size is 29 x 15.2 x 9 inches. The First Years’s tub is lightweight and rather small so it will fit in any nook or cranny when not in use so you don’t have to clutter your bathroom or bath tub.

The main features also include: Toddlers are supported on the upright side of the tub with plenty of room to play. Deep ergonomic tub design with pad to help hold growing baby better while bathing.

“Our babe is now 5 months old and 11 lbs and he is about ready to be on the sling without the sponge right now. We’ve been using the tub 3-4 times per week since he was born and everything is perfect, like new.”

The First Years has many years of experience selling baby products. It is a particularly radiant brand in the field of childcare. Especially in toddler games and baby everyday items. They have only one goal: to introduce innovative products that will accompany their children in their development cycle.

Before use, Be sure to read all the precautions indicated on the box for the safety of your baby.

What we like
  • Cheap price
  • Mobile is very easy
  • Have enough space for your baby to feel comfortable
What we regret
  • Don’t put it in the box

2.PRIMO EuroBath – Very Economical Baby Bath Tub

Very Economical Baby Bath

The PRIMO bathtub turns the baby bathroom into a purely happy and enjoyable moment. It can satisfy Baby bath for ages 0 – 24 months. Its unique ergonomic structure makes it the perfect choice for babies and parents. It ensures comfort, stability and scalability. This children’s bathtub is also very easy to transport. So you can carry it with you. Your baby can take a shower at any time, no matter where you are.

It is equipped unique anatomical shape with safety supports forearm and legs, keeping the child in the ideal bathing position, prevent them from slipping underwater. Using ultra-advanced technology, you will find that adult baths have the same characteristics: soap holders, drain plugs in the bathtub, shower head positioning notches, etc.

“The one “downside” is the size (the size of the shipping box is comical and ended up a great toy for the toddler.) But this is easily solved, which is important if you’re like me above in a small apartment. There is a hole at one end that you can easily tie a rope to and simply put a command hook in your shower to store the tub. It’s perfect since the only time you need to move it is when you use it! I was pleasantly surprised there was still plenty of room to shower with the tub as well!”
PRIMO bathtubs can be used more economically, saving you up to 80% water. This is more economical than using an adult bathtub for baby showers.

This product is made in the USA and Pearl White is chic. Perfectly blended with any interior.

Don’t waste you money on one of the “fancy” ones, this is all you need and will grow with your babe from the newborn stage all the way up to toddler stage.

What we like
  • Drain plug
  • Comfortable polished area
  • Very economical baby bath
What we regret
  • Children need to be careful to put them in the basin

3.Stokke Flexi White – Can Use Up To 4 Years Of Baby Bath Tub

Can Use Up To 4 Years Of Baby Bath Tub

If you are looking for a baby bath that can be folded, Stokke will meet your needs! Once you have adopted this Stokke baby bath, you will never leave it. It can be used until your baby is 4 years old. In fact, it is designed to fully meet the bathing needs of newborns.

Because of its size, you can take your baby bath between 0 and 6 months. However, when your baby is 6 months old, he will become more like to take a shower for sitting. During this time period, many manufacturers’ bathtubs cannot meet this demand.

However, Stokke has already considered the development of your child when designing this tub. Therefore, in the long run.this bathtub will allow your child to use it for a longer period of time. At the same time, its folding function is very convenient for storage. You can travel with a tub.

That let your child have a bathing tool anywhere.
“Really like this tub. Now that she’s 1, baby girl outgrew the newborn/infant specific tub and this tub is a great upgrade. She loves the room to move around in it and splash and play. She’s about 20 lbs at 13 months and barely crosses over the 1/3 mark lengthwise when she is sitting in it. So she has plenty of room to grow. The fact it folds up to get it out of the way in our little bathroom is awesome. Well worth the purchase.”

Note: It’s BPA free! There is a newborn converter you can buy if you have a newborn that is unable to hold his/her head up. the bottom IS textured. But not enough for us so you need to bought a set of grip stripps for the bottom. Worked great!

All in all, this tub is travel-friendly, strong, and the perfect size. I would have paid double the price if it had been necessary.

What we like
  • large capacity
  • Very easy to clean
  • High quality materials ensure durability
What we regret
  • Anti-skid needs reinforcement

4.Blooming Bath Lotus – A Very Comfortable Baby Bath Tub

A Very Comfortable Baby Bath Tub

This bathtub is undoubtedly one of the best baby baths in early 2019. Blooming Bath is designed to solve the problem of young mothers that how to take a shower for baby. So,The Blooming Bath introduced this ergonomic petal-shaped bathtub. It perfectly solves the young mother’s problem. While ensuring that your child is lying on top for maximum comfort.

During the design of the bathtub, the safety of the baby is very important. For this purpose, the bathtub is made of soft, lightweight and compact material. That make sure your baby doesn’t touch any hard objects. As for maintenance and storage, the Blooming Bath has taken these issues into consideration at the beginning of the design. Therefore, you can easily store it.

“Love it! I wish I would have bought it sooner instead of when my babe was 5 month old . I am able to bath her unassisted where as I had to have another person help me when using a traditional baby bath. Bonus, no more crouching over and breaking my back to bath my babe in the bathtub. Only thing that is annoying sometimes is that the bloom slides around sometimes in the sink. Super easy to adjust and move the bloom back to its original position.”
If you don’t want a hard plastic basin as your child’s bathtub, the Blooming Bath’s bathtub is exactly what you need.

For hygiene problems, it is very easy to dry in one day. You can even throw it directly into the washing machine. After washing, hang it on the shower curtain rod. There are no odors or structural problems found in this product. so it should be considered one of the most environmentally friendly products in our list.

Very soft fabric and the petals perfectly support babys head. It doesnt slide down too much which was an issue with the regular bath sling. But it does not contain bpa, which prevents premature exposure of infants to chemical contaminants.

What we like
  • Super soft and cuddly
  • Multiple colors available
  • Ensure your baby’s stability and safety
What we regret
  • Only suitable for newborns

5.Mommy’s Helper Inflatable – A Very Practical Baby Bath Tub

A Very Practical Baby Bath Tub

Mommy’s Helper’s Froggie Collection Inflatable Bath Tub provides the perfect sized environment for your little one!The air cushioned tub provides a safe, padded space to bathe in the tub or on any flat surface.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any damage to your baby during the entire bath. In fact, when your child grows up. Then you help him bathe, he won’t be as safe as a baby. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the material and safety of the bathtub. Faced with this situation, the tester recommended this inflatable bathtub to solve this problem perfectly.

With Mommy’s Helper, you can complete your baby’s bathing work quickly and efficiently. It’s materials 100% Phthlate free. Compared to unqualified bathtubs, Mommy’s Helper keeps your baby healthy and protected from chemicals. As for the portability design, this bathtub is very easy to store. You can even bring it to wherever you want to take it.

“We use this in multiple places and multiple things. I also love the fact that the horn is separate so when my Lil guy no longer needs it we can deflate it. It fits perfectly in our single sink so my back gets a rest. Not to mention how easy it is to deflate and blow up makes it great for travel. Will be buying this for baby shower gifts.”

For those who need this bathtub, it is easy to clean.It can be placed just by rinsing it. You can save a lot of time every day. The manufacturer uses a very durable material, making it very competitive in this list !

What we like
  • Economic
  • Easy to use
  • Comfort and safety guarantee
What we regret
  • Some people don’t like to inflate

6.Shnuggle Compact Support Seat – A Very Good Quality Baby Bath Tub

A Very Good Quality Baby Bath Tub

The patented Shnuggle bath supports and protects your baby using our Bum Bump and large foam backrest. From newborn (Stage one) simply use one hand to support babies head until they can hold it up by themselves, after which you can bath baby hands-free.

As your baby grows, the Shnuggle bath grows with them, offering a safe and supportive place to develop essential sitting skills. And the unique shape of the bath means when they are sitting, there is room to splash and play too.

An ergonomic hump is designed at the bottom of the bathtub. Support can be provided on the first day of the baby’s birth. It also features safety, stability and comfort. Therefore, all parents can use it with confidence.

“This is our third infant bathtub and it’s a keeper (with a few necessary improvements – see below)! We love the well-thought out shape and design and the support that allows baby to sit nearly upright and enjoy bath time. ”

The baby bath measures 13.4 x 10 x 13.8 inches and weighs only 2.65 pounds. Very compact and easy to use in any environment: shower or floor, even in an adult bathtub. Again, this compact appearance is easy to transport. Shnuggle give it a more practical side at the same time. So you can clean it effortlessly and the storage space is maximized.

What we like
  • Foam back insulation
  • Baby can take a bath in a semi-recumbent position
  • There is no risk of escape from the baby when taking a bath
What we regret
  • Relatively high price

Buying Guide: How to choose the best baby bathtub?

In this section, you will find some tips to help you better choose your baby’s bathtub. But before you get there, you must know in advance the different types of baby baths that exist on the market.

There are several baby bath products on the market:

Traditional or classic bathtub

This is the type of bathtub that is most used in the home. Very practical and can be installed directly on the ground. Also, if you want it to reach your height, you can integrate a support there. This is a very good thing because it can avoid your back pain and water splashes. For its ergonomic structure. Not only does it make it easier to store more space, it is also especially suitable for your child to spend months with them during their development.

Hanging bathtub

It is perfect for those who have insufficient shower space. You only need to hang it on the wall using a crossbar sold with the bathtub. However, due to its high suspension. it presents certain risks.

Baby bathtub

This allows a parent to install the product directly in their bathtub. This helps to minimize the risk of falling baby. Its ergonomic plastic structure and non-slip bottom make it one of the most popular baby foot baths for parents. Normal, because in addition to ensuring the best safety for children, they can be easily stored after use.

Combination bathtub

The main advantage of this bathtub is that it offers several different functions. In fact, its very practical shape makes it useful as a bathtub or storage box. However, it is too big. you must make sure you have enough space in the bathroom before you buy. But then, because the price/quality ratio is guaranteed, this is really a good investment.

Folding bathtub

This is the perfect bathing tool for all moms who often move with their babies. Very practical and flexible, taking up as much space as possible. Its luxurious structure also makes this bathtub the perfect choice for small bathrooms.

Inflatable bathtub

Although very practical, especially in terms of storage (you just deflate and put it in the toilet bag…), it is not recommended to use the inflatable bath daily. This material is mainly made of plastic, which exposes the baby to skin irritation. Sometimes there is even a risk of suffocation. In fact, if you are traveling or on vacation, without a collapsible bathtub, this is a solution that should be considered.

Tips for choosing a baby shower

Before you get to know more, you need to know the price of your baby’s bath in most cases, but it does not guarantee its quality. In the market, you will be able to find quality equipment at a lower price and provide you with the perfect choice. Yes, it is possible to talk about baby bathtubs!

Once this clarification is made, we recommend that you list all the criteria you would like your baby to bathe in the future before proceeding with the purchase. To do this, don’t worry about anything, and take the trouble to find everything you think of. Shape and color, size, type of bath through which the material is made, etc. Don’t hesitate to write down all of this on your list. In fact, because your list will be clear and accurate, you will be more likely to make choices in the future.

From the moment you have a high standard for baby showers, you must monitor the following aspects very closely:


The first aspect you need to consider is obviously the type of baby bath you want to buy. In general, there are two types on the market: simple bathtubs and evolution bathtubs. One or the other choice will depend on your needs. Usually, the retractable bathtub provides more convenience than the first one. For example, you can use it for many children at home.

With some research on the web, you can quickly point out this standard because you can sort directly by type. So you only need to make a model that will interest you, which will save you time.

However, be very careful about the name of the product during your research. Unfortunately, some traders and even some manufacturers will tell you that their bathtubs are scalable, but this is not the case. Therefore, finding a simple bathtub is easier than a progressive bathtub.

Anyway, to give you peace of mind. There is a constantly changing bathtub in front of you, you only need to check the design. Especially as the Stokke baby ergonomic bathtub, it is designed to accommodate children from 0 to 4 years old. In fact, there must be a side that is suitable for baby showering. The other side is suitable for its play in the bathtub, as in the case of the cited example.


The safety of babies is the most important, so the importance of this standard can be imagined. So after you have determined the model or bathtub type you want. You must make your choices with your baby in mind. For this, choose a rugged device. It gives you good stability when you take a bath, even if your baby moves in different directions. It is also important that the selected bathtub be certified to a safety standard. If necessary, in order to minimize the risk of falls and accidents, you can test the product yourself after placing your baby. Safe, you will never forget it!

Finally, when buying a baby bathtub. You have other important criteria that are more or less important. These standards depend more on your taste and comfort needs, such as color and size. As far as materials are concerned, when conducting their own research. You may find that some materials may contain chemicals that are harmful to children’s health. So you should avoid buying equipment designed with this material and make sure you are not mistaken. Read the function of the bathtub before completing the transaction.

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