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Best PS4 Games

best ps4 gamesThe best ps4 games represent the development of technology. Playstation has experienced a wave of changes in the past decade. By replacing the XBOX series of Microsoft and Wii Nintendo to win all levels of games, Sony’s fourth version of the baby video game did not stop there.

As evidence, after the release in 2013, the 73 million units sold by December 31, 2017 will be the turmoil of the 2019 gaming experience. In fact, this beast has now been tamed by the biggest developers. From 2019 to 2020, I had a great time before the arrival of the ninth generation of home consoles.

With its wave of success, the Playstation 4 has a satisfying function. Between Ultra HD, its super-detail graphics, online mode and storage space easily reach 500 GB of data, Sony’s baby has almost no competitors. Even better, since 2014, the world’s best-selling game console has been the “Pro” version that released 1TB of data, and the 4K video doubles the graphics power compared to the traditional PS4.

This is why this technical gem retains the beautiful style of 2019 in video games. Combat, simulation, strategy, war games, action, sports… no matter what kind of gameplay, all players in the field of vision will be satisfied. Check out the best 2019 ps4 games for the best contrast reviews and wait for you this year.

The Best PS4 Games Of The Moment (May 2019)

1.Apex LegendsEscapeCheck More
2.Sekiro Shadows Die TwiceActionCheck More
3.Devil May Cry 5AventureCheck More
4.Red Dead Redemption 2Action beat them allCheck More
5.Assassin's Creed OdysseyAction InfiltrationCheck More

1.Apex Legends

Apex Legends
The highly competitive large-scale escape market welcomes Apex Legends as a new competitor. Electronic Arts was surprised to announce the title, want to occupy a place, and try to occupy a popular Tonite or still play PUBG. For this reason, he did nothing in the middle!

Respawn is responsible for the development of Apex Legends, which is good news because we owe them the excellent Titanfall series. Apex Legend took over the world of robots and styles because it put us in the same world, but about 30 years after the end of TitanFall 2. Fans will be happy to find such a delightful graphical touch title and this intense game feature.Because of this popularity, it is also in my collection of cd racks.

Who said that there was a large-scale conflict in the Great Escape. Like Fortnite, you can also skydiving on the island and fight with 60 players to become the ultimate survivor. But unlike competitors, it is not alone in Apex Legend. The competition consists of 3 people and encourages cooperation. The game elements that change the game and provide this free game tactical dimension are very noteworthy.

In this battle of the Royal FPS, you can choose one of the eight heroes, each with their own abilities: we are like a police dog, tracking enemy mastery, using weapons Bangalore air damage, or always transferring corrosive A toxic trap of matter. Find the right character for you, create 3 balanced teams and beat your opponent.

The parts are compact and lively, and you will never be bored. On the one hand, our mortality rate is lower than other BRUC titles and it is possible to protect ourselves on our own.

In addition, when you are shot, your teammates will be able to resurrect you forever! This avoids the frustration caused by death in the early stages of the game, which only needs to be a viewer in many similar games.

The horizontal design of the different cards provides good action possibilities and is not repeated. Therefore, we connect parts without feeling tired. It must be said that the game’s server is perfectly optimized, and it is by far the most successful royal free game we know. EA wants to make sure the release is as stable and successful as possible! It is also the most beautiful on the graphics.

Novices and experienced FPS players should find them by playing Apex Legend, which will bring fresh air to the big escape market. With the improvements announced in the coming weeks, Respawn’s title may cast a shadow on Fornite!

What we like
  • Online game free mode!
  • The most beautiful big escape
  • Nervous and smooth game
What we regret
  • Unsatisfactory audience mode

2.Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice
Sekiro Shadows Die Twice (a game that runs on PC, PS4 and Xbox) lets you immerse yourself in a ninja eager to revenge, but this must be done with his samurai sword. If you like violence, invisibility and difficult games, then the Japanese who are immersed in the fifteenth century will be hit!

FromSoftware Studio is responsible for the software, we owe them, including the excellent dark soul and the game Bloodborn, which is called a very difficult game. Don’t worry, you will always die here that will learn, analyze your enemy’s patterns, and attack at specific times and be punished. But that’s why we like this studio, providing real challenges every time!

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice and a variety of interesting genres. It is a good game action for success in stealth. Includes the use of a grapple that allows the roof of the roof to squat to avoid conflicts and move like a real ninja. The graphics are great and it is a pleasure to be able to enjoy them from the top of Shinto Temple.

However, it also strives for progress, and conflicts will require a true analysis of your enemies. If the average soldier can easily solve it, then you’d better prepare for multiple attempts to deal with the hardest boss.

We often die, but you can resurrect – in exchange for your experience and part of your life – to retry your luck.

In addition to your sword, you can use a complete set of ninja equipment. You gradually unlock, or you buy from the merchant through the money collected during the expedition. This is an advantage of RPG, you will enter the game mode of different sizes in the case of interaction with NPC.

Let’s take a look at the majestic headline atmosphere, which offers you a truly traditional trip to Japan, albeit a bit mysterious. Music is accompanied by a player that perfectly matches the game, and some scenery will keep you breathless. Achieving a complete success!

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: Death is a title! If you like difficult games, you won’t be indifferent to this game. If you’re looking for a violent raid in the mid to high-end analog world and a semi-open mid-term script, it’s highly recommended that you try this game.

What we like
  • A graphic slap
  • Hard technical battle
  • We found the style of the legendary Tenchu PS1
What we regret
  • The least durable player will be angry

3.Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry is a legend that all Beat’em All fans know because it exists on the Playstation 2. At the time, we unabashedly discovered Dante’s super-violent ability, a demon hunter who slaughtered the enemy in an unusual style.

In the fifth episode, this legend is resurrected with its roots. The concept has not changed: it always faces groups of demons in luxurious suits and tries to solve their problems with as many styles as possible. Based on the achievement, you will receive the grade at the end of the grade, which will give you new skills. The deeper the history, the stronger your hero!

Yes, in Devil May Cry 5, we played three roles: the legendary Dante, more classes than ever, with many accessories to destroy the monsters he met, his disciple Nero carrying his artificial weapons, Allows him to create an absolutely crazy combo, avoiding melee by citing creatures fighting in his position. Three characters in three different game styles perfectly break the routine of this type of game.

It must be said that DMC 5 is very interesting! The Titanic fight will be very enjoyable every time you try to kill your opponent in the coolest way. It is cruel, lively, nervous, and the game is controlled fast enough. After a few hours of play, you will naturally handle 3 characters.

From a graphical point of view, the game is very beautiful, there is nothing to blame. Whether it’s on a PC, PS4 or Xbox, the effects of the lights are impressive, and we let the enemies on the screen go to hell.

For the bad places I want to say: in the long run, the decoration ultimately lacks diversity, because sometimes it feels like always fighting in the same place. If the battle is very dynamic, then the camera will have problems. Fortunately, it is rare!

For others, we pay tribute to the work done by music and stakeholders, even though this scene has never been a highlight of the Devil May Cry series, cutscenes and global history are effortless. Also, it’s very interesting, you won’t lose the replicas of these hero hunters’ faces!

Devil May Cry 5 is a particularly successful best ps4 games that allows the series to reconnect to its roots. We have a lot of interesting combinations and fans, because the newcomers to the license should have fun with Dante and their assistants!

What we like
  • It is very beautiful!
  • Overall design is very enjoyable
  • Three characters make the game diversified
What we regret
  • Lack of diversity in decorations

4.Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2
It is an understatement to say that waiting for Read Dead Redemption 2 is great. The sequel to Read Dead Redemption, released in 2010, took eight years to reach us, and Rockstar abandoned his baby. Waiting is worth the candle: Yes, a thousand times is it!

In the second game where the player has been renamed RDR2, you will find John Marston, who is now the famous cowboy in the team’s first title. If you don’t reveal anything, please know that you will find the Western atmosphere that is unique to the title. It’s very simple, it’s forbidden to dry in black water or on the snowy plains, you will browse this open world through many areas, and you will get a way for xi to start this game!

In terms of image,it has a visual impact that we rarely see. It is not only beautiful but also atmospheric. The level of detail gained is simply breathtaking, and it is definitely the most beautiful PS4 game of the moment. The horse’s testicles are examples, shrinking in the cold, letting you know the focus on death redemption. The animation of the character is not bluffing, we sometimes think of the heart of the movie Sergio Leon!

In terms of gameplay, there is no disappointment. The game is very smooth and has not suffered any economic slowdown, despite some undeveloped ideas (such as FPS thinks it won’t bring much finals) and some clumsy gait of our favorite hero, you can take one completely Crazy fun.

Killing cams provides a very interesting feeling, and the scenes are not similar to each other, which makes it impossible to do the same thing again. The battle in the salon, the armed attack of the train, the penetration of the enemy camp, hunting… can’t be boring. Very good, because the life of the RDR2 is very large, because it is easy to play more than 60 hours.

What I have learned from this experience is that the feeling of life comes from the universe of the title. Rockstar, the studio responsible for the GTA series, once again proves that video games have no envy for the movie world. In Read Dead Redemption 2, we take a risk of 100%. Music, sound effects and sounds immerse us in a credible world that is reinforced by dynamic stages and very good scenes.

Read Dead Redemption 2 is without a doubt one of the best PS4 games of the moment. The title of this size, we have one every 5 or 10 years!

What we like
  • a visual miracle, screaming realism
  • Exciting scenes and glamorous characters
  • Thoroughly immersed in the far west: we believe it
What we regret
  • Minor mistakes from here and there

5.Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Publisher Ubisoft has often advised us to follow these silent assassins for more than 10 years. these assassins have shaped the history for a century. If all the episodes are different, we must realize that we usually spend a lot of time controlling our characters.

Freedom of movement seems to always be the case. We climb the building with the power of a cat. When we participate in real history classes, we kill the opponent with the accuracy of the ninja! The Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is no exception, but turns to an open world that offers players tremendous freedom.

You are immersed in ancient Greece and initially chose two characters, which will have some impact on the continuation of the adventure. Will people from Kassandra or Alexios have a crush on you? Then you will switch to this beautiful open world where you will cross the Greek plains (walking or horseback riding) taken during the Peloponnesian War.

This scene is clever and exciting, and it takes 30 to 50 hours to see the end. We especially thank you for your attention to your choice in the dialogue, which will have a real impact on the following events: death of character, rebellion, new pursuits…

The character is charismatic, whether it is a hero or a secondary character, we all like to browse this huge open world to discover every corner and crack. Different narrative arcs are worthwhile, so you will want to know the results of all the tasks. And as the graphics enhance immersion, we like to get lost on the biggest maps I’ve seen in Assassin’s Creed so far!

The most amazing players will receive original quests and extra gear rewards, which will allow you to strengthen your character. With respect to RPG, you can choose the style that suits you best, especially fighting.

This is usually the darling of the series, with soft and repetitive battles. However, the days of fighting that are gone forever and the work are obvious here: more moving, more vivid, and especially more aggressive, our assassin responds to fingers and eyes with each game will be a Intense moment! The final update of the series is good news!

The black flag return of the naval battle is a feature, because the extra mission of the available collector’s edition (Blind King) gives this Assassin’s Creed Odyssey a huge surprise. Absolutely the best PS4 games in history that makes assassin fans feel the best!

What we like
  • New fighting style
  • A beautiful and lively open world
  • The historical period of choice is very attractive, and this scene is very exciting
What we regret
  • Sometimes tailoring some

Shopping guide: How to choose the best game on PS4

With more and more developers and dozens of games released each month, it’s hard to make a choice because the quotes look bloated. To help you make your choice, here’s a little shopping guide that will let you find the tracks of the game on the PS4.

Which kind

Fight, sport, action, simulation, platform… these types don’t miss any game lovers. However, everyone has the fun they like. Some imaginative people will embody an adventurer, others will be more willing to fight each other in an epic battle, or spend a fierce football match with friends. The most important thing is to have fun. Feel free to think and try certain types of games that won’t appeal to you. It’s not uncommon to be surprised and addicted to previously unknown genres!

Playing time

If sports games have unlimited playing time (enough to make friends object or play with them), other types depend on the goodwill of developers and writers. In fact, after spending a few hours playing games, it is not uncommon to see a very frustrating situation. it is necessary to be vigilant about the opinions on the network before the possible purchases. In other words, investing tens of dollars in a game for only a few hundred minutes is really not worthwhile.


Commonly known as “high price = high quality game” is rarely effective. In fact, the trap of fashion effects is not uncommon, and ultimately the result is very disappointing. We need to know that the average cost in the game is $50, so don’t get stuck in it.

In fact, the new ps4 games range from the oldest $25 to the new ones over $60,

even more in exclusive packaging and limited editions. Sometimes, a game that proves to be two years after its release is more profitable than a novelty that will eventually be forgotten.


Each game has an age of respect. PEGI (pan-European game information) has introduced a visible pictogram system on the front and back of the game package to inform parents of the minimum age.Like a movie theater, there are five age groups: 12 years old, 16 years old and 18 years old.These macaroons provide a reliable indication of the suitability of the game content in protecting minors. These are based on 7 criteria: fear, violence, foul language, drugs, gender, discrimination, chance games and/or online. A very important piece of data can make a good choice to avoid any slippage uncontrolled.

Player’s opinion

Unlike film critics, the views of testers on professional websites are very common. That’s why consulting them is a great way to choose, no matter which type you choose. Everyone even offers video testing to make up their minds before taking risks.

In fact, these allow you to identify the quality of the graphics, mobility, universe, soundtrack…

without having to remove it from the chair. How to limit the risk of disappointment before possible purchases.

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