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selfie stick
Mobile phone selfie stick have become popular in recent years.Lighter and easier to carry than a monopod,the maximum length can be extended to 1 meter.

Users only need to lock the phone and camera to the selfie stick.which turn on the Bluetooth device and realize wide-angle that can multi-angle self-timer immediately.

There is one thing that has to be mentioned.The self-timer was once selected by Time magazine as one of the best 25 inventions in 2014.Of course,not all mobile phone selfie sticks have a great experience.

The price of the selfie stick is not expensive in the market and the functions of the price are different.Some models are equipped with a Bluetooth connection,so that the shutter on the mobile phone’s selfie stick can be used for shooting.

Some high-end models are also made of carbon fiber which is lighter than the average aluminum alloy selfie stick.There are also some intimate models with mirrors that allow the photographer to shoot with a better rear lens.Next,our outdoor experts will recommend the best selfie stick on the market.

Bluetooth Selfie Stick

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Where To Buy Selfie Stick – Note!

Where To Buy Selfie Stick
Self-portrait sticks have been banned in many tourist attractions.such as Disneyland in Japan,the Louvre in France, the Palace of Versailles, and the Colosseum in Rome (even this violent place has announced the ban on the use of selfie sticks).Even in the American Emmy Awards.The awards ceremony was also announced publicly – the use of the selfie stick is not allowed.

Why is this little selfie stick frequently blacklisted?

The main reason is that there is only one:it is so good that the person who uses it will immediately put all his attention on it,so that it will accidentally cause security risks.If you have used the selfie stick,you will find that the selfie stick is too easy to use and all the designs.But there are still some tips for buying:

First: The selfie stick is divided into two categories – the remote control is on the pole and the remote control is separated from the pole.

Of course,it is recommended to be able to buy a remote control that can be that it is convenient to operate the camera at a greater distance.

3-Way Grip Gopro Selfie Stick

Gopro Selfie Stick

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It should be noted that if the remote control button is on the pole,sometimes the mobile phone vibrates due to pressing the shutter which resulting in a virtual focus on the screen.

There is also a voice-controlled remote control,this kind is not recommended.Do you really think it can recognize the voice 100%?

Second: Bluetooth matching is best to consider whether to try your own mobile phone model before buying.the best clips of the pole can be replaced with multiple chucks and non-slip.

Portable All In One Selfie Stick Tripod

Selfie Stick Tripod

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The advantage of this is that you can change the camera and you don’t have to think about whether the new camera is too big or too small to use the selfie stick.Remember to set up the camera in the camera before taking a photo.Don’t wait until the pole is stretched to find that your mode is wrong.

Third:you can use Bluetooth to take photos with third-party photography software.

2 in 1 Extendable Mpow Selfie Stick

Mpow Selfie Stick

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If your selfie stick does not match Bluetooth,remember to use the self-timer software to control it.Now you can easily find many third-party plug-ins in the app to remotely control your selfie sticks.

Fourth:The selfie stick is not only a self-portrait but also a special photo.

Control Self-Portrait Tzumi Selfie Stick

Tzumi Selfie Stick

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When someone else pulls the boyfriend’s hand,you can take the selfie stick.The second spring of the solitary dog can be saved by the selfie stick.In short,let your imagination work.Selfie stick you really deserve!

Fifth:buy a solid selfie stick.such as metal.after all,your phone is much more expensive than the pole.

Take It Anywhere Monopod Selfie Stick

Monopod Selfie Stick

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A man recently took a big pliers and cut someone else’s selfie sticks around the street in the United States. When he reacted,others ran away.It is said that he easily cut 20 in the morning.I just want to say: Your strength is really big,friends who use plastic selfie sticks are unlucky!

How To Use Selfie Stick

The self-timer is one of the most popular mobile phone accessories.The rise of the selfie sticks have greatly solved the problem of taking photos when single people are traveling.

Do you know how to use the selfie stick to take better photos?

Teach you a few tips today:

1.45°self-timer method

Hand-lifting the self-timer 45°flat or low-pitched.then lowering your head slightly,you can highlight your cute look and long legs on the framing frame!

2.background self-timer

Choosing a good background for self-portraits is essential.a high-end atmospheric self-timer will give you a lot of points.

3.contrast self-timer

Choosing a self-portrait with a large contrast can produce a very shocking effect.which can make your friends circle a lot is worth showing off a selfie.

How Does A Selfie Stick Work

The two types that are common in the selfie stick market are the Bluetooth selfie stick and the line-controlled selfie stick.The two self-timer levers work slightly differently.

let’s first understand the working principle of the Bluetooth selfie stick:the Bluetooth selfie stick uses the Bluetooth principle to let the mobile phone search for the Bluetooth signal of the selfie stick.then perform Bluetooth pairing.

After the pairing is successful,the camera’s shutter button is controlled by the Bluetooth remote control.

but this The self-timer lever needs to be charged because it requires power.

so the Bluetooth selfie sticks have a built-in battery.

The working principle of the line-controlled selfie stick is: the phone headset cable is arranged on the selfie stick,the line of the selfie stick is inserted into the earphone hole of the mobile phone.

then the earphone control button of the mobile phone set to the volume +/-.

if it is necessary to take a picture,I just press the camera button of the selfie sticks.

The benefit of a line-controlled selfie sticks are that it does not require charging.

Who Invented The Selfie Stick

On June 17, this Sunday is Father’s Day. Are you ready to give Dad a gift?in fact,the father’s love can be very delicate and gentle.The Creative Fortune Story of Million Dollar Genius tells the world’s most widely used invention.which stems from the love of a single father to his daughter.

Imagine how you took a photo without a selfie sticks.

Yes,all these problems have encountered by our protagonists.Fromm was originally a toy designer in the United States and a photographer.He likes to travel around the world with his daughter.On the road,he encountered the biggest to take a picture of his and his daughter’s satisfaction.

In 2002,a trip to Florence in Italy.they could not find a picture of Flom could not bear it,he decided to make a change.

Flash Of Light

Fromm believes that there must be a better self-timer than the extended arm.

After traveling home,he began to ponder over the problem.He thought of life with a variety of telescopic rods, umbrellas, car antennas and CD rack stretch material…

He thought about all the things that stretched.

In the end,Fromm focused on the umbrella.

He and his daughter collected all kinds of umbrellas that seen in the world.

After meditation,Fromm finally understood the principle of the open and closed umbrella.

The umbrella has a series of locking beads that automatically pop in and lock the lever during the telescopic opening and closing process.

As a result,Fromm decided to create a tie rod that is durable,waterproof, lightweight, and less prone to rust.

Reminiscent of the tripod he usually uses,he has the prototype of the product in his mind.

Breakthrough Moment

By the time Flom can finally describe the prototype to the engineer.

it tested for a whole year.

Next,they greeted by the perfect products that are day and night.

They need to implement every detail,including what materials to use.

Aluminum is light and easy to shrink.

but it is costly. Although the plastic is light,it is easy to  bounce back by the overweight camera.

In the end,the inspiration from the umbrella – locking the steel ball, helped Flom very busy.

In 2006, after more than four years of research.

the self-timer developed by Fromm was finally available.

Before going public,Fromm worried about whether people could accept this fresh product.

But his daughter Saatchi is very confident about her father’s invention.

She even decided to join her father’s new career when she graduated from college.


Fromm and daughter Saatchi chose to rely on their own strength to promote products.

that is without any outside design, promotion and packaging.

However,Fromm soon discovered that when he and his daughter personally showed up.

as a model,the sales of the selfie sticks was very good.

But when they left,the customer didn’t know how to use this novelty product.

So, Fromm made a bold decision.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas,he presented 1,000 self-timer bars as gifts to reporters and exhibitors.

This move cost him more than 20,000 US dollars.

But it quickly proved that this decision was very correct.

These influential technology experts like this new product and have written articles.

According to Fromm’s words,it’s like a leap from zero to one hundred.

the selfie sticks quickly became popular.

Hard Time

I thought that the welcoming of them would be a steady stream of orders.

but the result was a flood of imitations.

Fromm spent more than $100,000 on his own pocket.

He also spent so much time and energy on so much time, sweat and tears.

As a result,his invention squeezed out of the market by imitations.

However,Fromm did not easily admit defeat.

After a series of means such as prosecution.

he found that the most effective way is to make the highest quality products on the market.

so that it can be far away from the imitation.

Success Moment

Soon,people found that low-cost imitations are prone to breakage and other problems.

In the end,Fromm’s superior quality products have won the favor of the market.

In the 2007 Christmas season alone,monthly sales exceeded $2 million.

Looking back on his own hardships,Fromm said that there is no casual success.

but if you persist,your dreams realized.

Remember Fromm’s words:”Look, ordinary people like me can achieve a global invention.Why don’t you try it?”

Maybe the next million dollar genius is you.

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