How To Burn A CD

How To Burn A CD

CD as a play tool that used to be popular all over the world.There are a lot of good memories on my cd rack.Nowadays,due to the rapid development of various electronic playback tools.The CD has gradually faded out of view as a play tool that has been popular all over the world.As the CD fades out of people’s horizons.the CD-ROM of the CD-playing information carrier tool slowly fades out of our view.

The CD discs have a particularly large amount of storage and several G can be achieved in general.If we do extended burning,we can even reach a dozen G.which is equivalent to a very good U disk storage.However,due to market reasons.CDs are no longer burned.Therefore,for many people who have a need for CD.burning CDs is particularly difficult.

So today I will introduce you how to burn a CD from a professional point of view.I hope that our introduction can help those who have a need for CD burning.

How To Burn Music To A CD

How To Burn A CD On ItunesItunes
How To Burn A CD On Windows 10Windows 10

How To Burn A CD On Itunes

Required tips: 2010 imac + recordable optical drive (if the newer mac does not have a built-in optical drive, please purchase an external drive)

Mac with a recordable optical drive

iTunes 11

Blank CD

Music to be burned

If your Mac supports burning discs: Open Finder>Applications > System Information > Hardware > Disc Burning

Check Burning Support.If it is not found, you will need to purchase an external burning driver.

1. Create a playlist

First, you must first create a playlist

burn cd

Create a playlist: Go to the Playlists tab at the top of the iTunes window > press the plus icon in the lower left corner > select New Playlist.

The sidebar displays the title as a playlist. Rename whatever you want and drag the song, album or artist you want on the CD to the playlist.

how to burn music to a cd

Other way:clicking on the arrow icon > Add To… > Playlist > [Playlist Name].

Tip: Too large playlists are not suitable for a single CD. Single CD=700M. Please confirm the order carefully, you cannot change the order of songs after burning.

2. Start burning the CD

how to burn a cd on windows 10

After creating the list: File > Burn Playlist to Disc

The window for burning settings is displayed on the screen. Then follow the steps.

Step 1. CD Burner Options

how to burn a cd on a mac

Please skip this step for a single cd driver.See the image above.

burn cd windows 10

Multiple optical drives:Choose to use a drive that can burn discs.

Step 2. Preferred Speed is the most important

how to burn cd

Check the speed of use: The CD—it will be listed as a number followed by the letter X (i.e. 52X).

Higher than “Preferred Speed” > Select Maximum Possible option

If the number is low,you need to eliminate the potential problem of burning data from the CD drive:choose a speed that matches the number on the CD.

Step 3. CD needs formatting operation

how to burn cd from itunes

Burning options:audio CD, MP3 CD and data CD or DVD.

In this tutorial,select Audio CD Settings > Customize your own CD to your liking.

how to burn a cd from itunes

This setting is the song switching time,the default is 2 seconds.(This needs to be customized according to your needs)

burn cd from itunes

This setting is mainly to adjust the volume balance problem.All the music copied after selection will have the same volume.The cd text here mainly shows the artist and track name.

Step 4. Formally start burning CD

how to burn cd on windows 10

Inserting the CD into the CD-ROM will display a blank disc detected. At this point you can select Open iTunes option or press Ignore.

burn a cd

After resolving the prompt, press Burn in the Burn Settings window. iTunes should now display the progress of the burn at the top of the application window. When selecting the maximum possible speed setting, burns usually do not exceed five minutes from start to finish.

After solving the popup window> press Burn (the burning progress will be displayed at this time)

If the maximum possible speed is selected, it usually does not exceed five minutes.

how to burn songs onto a cd

Burn successfully> CD-ROM will automatically pop up CD

How To Burn A CD On Windows 10

Required equipment: Windows 10 (built-in CD/DVD drive) and Windows Media Player

1. Insert a blank CD to the burning drive

2. Open Windows Explorer

3. Go back to where you want to burn to a CD file/folder.

4. Select all files/folders.

5. Right click on the selected file/folder > Send > select CD / DVD Burner Drive.

how to burn a cd in windows 10

A popup window appears

6. Customize the name of the input disc

7. At this time choose to use the CD player.

8. Complete the above steps and click “Next”.

During this process your files/folders will now be copied to the PC’s CD burner drive. When the files/folders have been copied, it will open the CD=recorder drive in a new window.

If the drive is not open, you will need to open the File Explorer and click on the drive in the left column.

9. When the copy will be copied, click on “Drive Tools”.

10. Click Finish to burn.

burn audio cd windows 10

At this time Windows 10 is ready to burn your CD.

Next, I will show you how Windows Media Player burns CDs.

1. Insert a blank CD in the drive

2. Open Windows Media Player alternately: Start menu > Windows Accessories > Windows Media Player or type wmp in the search bar > click on Windows Media Player.

3. Click on the “Burn” tab (the location is between the “Play” and “Sync” tabs).

itunes burn cd

4. Click Burn Options > select the file options you need.

how to burn music onto a cd

5. Open Windows Explorer

6. Go back to where you want to burn the CD file.

7. File Explorer and Windows Media Player remain adjacent

8. Drag and drop videos, songs or photos to the burn list in Windows Media Player.

burn iso to cd

Note: Single CD = 700 MB

9. Please confirm the order of your audio and video media.

10.Single start burning.

how to burn cd on mac

The operation of Windows Media Player is complete.

There are two main forms of information recorded on a disc:

The first type uses a special medium to form a physical or chemical reaction during the burning process of the optical disc.

leaving unremovable information on the surface of the optical disc.

The information in the form of the optical disc is physically changed.

For read-only discs, the user cannot erase the above information and re-burn.

The surface of the disc seen by normal users is very smooth.

but on the reflective layer of the disc.

it is an uneven pit, like the surface of the moon.

which is a bright surface to the naked eye.

but it is actually filled with craters.

When the disc is reading the disc,the pits encountered will reflect back different information.

Secondly,the laser is used to form a thermomagnetic effect on the magnetic film of the optical disc.

When reading the information of the optical disc.

the disc player recognizes the information of the optical disc by the intensity of the reflection.

Such a disc does not leave a physical mark on the surface of the optical disc.

so The thermal magnetic effect on the disc can be re-modified or deleted using the disc burning software.

which is called a readable and writable disc.

A readable and writable disc does not have a rugged pit like a read-only disc.

because the information read from the read/write disc is on the reflective layer.

different information read through the reflective layer.

Whether it is a CD-ROM or a CD-ROM.

in the computer principle, the “0” and “1” recorded on the CD read through the medium.

because the computer can only read 0 and 1.

The computer actually composed of digital circuits.

in the digital circuit, 0 and 1 respectively represent two different states.

so the computer can only recognize 0 and 1.

Therefore,the information recorded on the disc is actually a large number of 0 and 1 only.

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