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Teach You 10 Phone Shooting Tips To Make Your Travel Photos Different!

Have you ever thought that you can take the following travel photos?

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Everyone likes beautiful photos,especially girls.Whether it is traveling or in daily life,taking pictures is part of life.When it comes to holidays,the environment is more complicated.If you want to take beautiful photos, you should not only understand basic composition in the pose.That also need to master a little creativity.For example,use the selfie stick as a prop.only in this way which can make your photos more unique and attractive than others.

Teach you 10 phone shooting tips to make your travel photos burst into friends

1.Shooting the back.this choice not only effectively avoids the shackles of people facing the lens, but also often takes a very artistic conception. When shooting the back, remember not to stand stupidly.

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2.Center composition.the main character is placed in the visual center.but this point should be noted that the scenery next to it should not be too fancy.a single color can make you the most eye-catching existence!

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3.Square composition.the pictures are all square, so the picture is more literary.plus a less exaggerated filter effect will be better.

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4.White art.whether it is filming people or taking pictures,the protagonist is sometimes smaller.the large area of ​​white space can give people a clean or vast feeling.It is also a simple technique to keep the picture simple and prominent.

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5.Looking down.there will be a kind of God’s perspective when shooting from high to low.When you stand in the heights,it can be the top of nature,or the highest level of sightseeing elevators in the city. This is a good choice.There you can shoot blue sky.that you can also shoot the nighttime traffic.

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6.Hand-held food.generally we always eat some local food,this skill is also one of the necessary skills to eat goods.on the one hand that we can show the local specialties by holding food.on the other hand show their own taste.

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7.Iconic action.now whether it is vibrato or Instagram.there is a popular action called follow me,let your loved one take you that the person behind you shoot.

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8.Creative shooting.through the principle of near and far.shooting some photos that are incredible, attracting others’ eyes.appreciating your creativity.

Can you see how these photos were taken?

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9.Using sunglasses.

when traveling, everything around you can be a prop.

After all, we are not professionally shooting which can’t take special props.

At this time, we can use the most common props sunglasses to take some personalized photos.

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10.Couples show love.

if you are a couple traveling,it is inevitable to sprinkle dog food.

the dog food is good to attract the envy of the circle of friends that is not good to ask for help.

the most characteristic of show love which is to let others feel your love.

If the show is over, it will give you a feeling that you are too artificial and disgusting.

Travel shooting inspiration map collection

Finally, expert gave me some inspirational photos of domestic and international travel shooting.

I hope to give you some inspiration during the tour.

If you feel good, remember to give us to look.

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